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Frog and I had a wonderful, amazing convention.  We got to meet fans we didn’t know we had, sell many books, hang out with authors and friends, find more people who share our interests, and even attend a few room parties.  It was a beautiful, smokey, unforgettable experience.

Conventions always remind me why I started writing in the first place; why I love doing it so much.  But even more this year, it reminded me that you need to seize the opportunities as they come.  The chances to see your friends, love your family, strive for excellence, and be true to yourself.   I feel it even more keenly now, because on coming home after Worldcon, I learned that a beautiful lady who I have known for my whole life, and who was there for just about every pivotal moment I’ve had up until now, has passed away.  She lived 90 years with panache and passion.  I only hope when the time comes for me to tally my achievements, I will have done half as much.  My life thus far has been blessed with such lovely people and potential futures.  I am so grateful.

Cherish the moments you have, seize the opportunities as they come, and love life.  After all, no matter what the video games tell us, we only get one each.