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Grace Moore is a Seattle woman with a unique sense of fashion, an obsession for delicious and exotic food, and a highly illegal magical ability to change the reality around her. When the summoners in nearby Spokane are wiped out, her own Grove pulls her from a cushy research position and sends her as an understrength, token response to the attack.

Robert Lorents is a foster kid living in Spokane. A teenage band nerd with his head wrapped around romantic fantasies and his heart firmly ensconced in his saxophone case, the sudden death of his one remaining biological relative launches him down a path to learn his own fantastic—if felonious—powers.

These two are forced together by circumstance– an unwilling mentor and an uncontrolled student– to face a threat on their own that has already annihilated summoners far more powerful than they. To save reality as we know it, they must learn to work with one another, discover the true nature of their opponent, and, of course, avoid getting arrested for trying to save our existence.

The Gift of Grace series is the flagship series for us, and we are proud to be re-releasing new editions through Impulsive Walrus Books.

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