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Being a Private Investigator in the high-tech, magical city of Manzala requires more than street-smarts.

Martin Aten makes do with a lifetime of experience in software engineering. Accompanied by the voice of his wife Jean and his memories of days gone by, he lives each life day-to-day, just scraping through.

But every once in a while, a job comes along that’s bigger than it looks. And when the city’s most successful techno-dwarf hires Martin to recover a stolen, prized personal possession–the job already looks massive.

From the dingy back-streets of Manzala to the planets beyond, this case is going to take Martin farther than any other case before. The hunt for a stolen item brings him new friends, new enemies, and–if he’s very, very lucky–the chance to save Manzala from a danger it doesn’t know is descending on it. Regardless, he knows he’s not returning to Manzala the same man who left it.

Ok, ok. This title isn’t Frog and Esther Jones, but it is written by Bethany Loy and Frog Jones. (If you’re wondering why Bethany’s name is familiar, she has a wonderful story story in It’s Your Cow below) Blackbox Protocol is also a collaboration with Dragondyne Publishing and set in their wonderful Role Playing Game Universe, Neverwhen. We’re so excited to be a part of these RPG tie-in novellas, and get to adventure in Neverwhen with all of you!

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